About Alexandria International Academy

Founded on the educational research and belief that students learn by drawing on their own personal experiences and heritage as a fundamental part of their learning and understanding process and have a positive attitude towards learning, Alexandria International Academy (AIA) thrives to create a community of learning where the following elements form the foundation of the AIA learning environment:


piActive parent involvement 
multicultural2Challenging multicultural environment 
inspirationalInspirational educators from around the world 
internationalInternational programs of educational excellence

The school has a strong belief in language acquisition and offers two streams, English and French from Pre-School. Alexandria International Academy offers its learning programs in both English and French.


International education programmes form the core of AIA’s drive to developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people. To ensure continued quality of education and adherence to international standards.


Ensuring Individual attention for each and every student with classes of a maximum of 18 students..

At AIA your child will grow and develop to their full potential within a multicultural environment and under the guidance and love of accredited, inspirational educators from across the world.