Strategic Plan

To deliver on our mission and educational philosophy, Alexandria International Academy is committed to a strategic plan that covers each and every critical element ensuring a holistic approach to education. These elements are comprised of the following strategic objectives:


campus Campus

 AIA’s campus is the foundation for bringing a holistic education to the learning community. It will be equipped with the facilities that ensure students can explore their natural artistic and creative abilities. It will deliver an environment that encourages experiential learning in a natural environment, while harnessing our students’ physical aptitude. 


it2Information Technology

AIA students will continuously have access to the latest technological tools serving their education, a basic element of our students’ futures.



AIA educators are continuously trained on IB academic excellence through internationally accredited programs. They are encouraged to become active contributors to the worldwide IB educators community as well as the AIA learning community.



AIA has started to contribute to the community by raising awareness amongst parents, teachers and the local community of critical topics to our students’ futures including child psychology and development, parenting, the environment and local issues.