Learning at Alexandria International Academy

At Alexandria International Academy your child will grow and develop to their full potential within a multicultural education environment and under the guidance and love of accredited, inspirational educators from around the world.


To ensure students develop to their full potential, Alexandria International Academy constantly assesses their achievements and continuously encourages parent involvement. Alexandria International Academy’s believes in the following essential practices:


We believe that students should learn to draw back on their own personal experiences and heritage as a fundamental part of their learning and understanding process. Vygotsky defined learning as “the creation of meaning that occurs when an individual links new knowledge with existing knowledge” (Williams and Woods, 1997). By allowing students to test and refine their understanding, they are able to create a deeper understanding of academic subjects and their own personal experiences and lives.


Alexandria International Academy encourages students to see through the boundaries between traditional subjects and make connections across them, while relating what they learn to life. In doing so, students learn valuable social, communication, thinking, research, and self-management skills.


Alexandria International Academy prepares students for a diverse world teaching them how to communicate across traditional boundaries by fostering language skills and multiculturalism.